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Content Without SEO or SEO Without Content Both Are Wasted Your Money Only. To Make High ROI Combination is the Key. 

Unique Content Marketing Approach

Blog Management with SEO



Content That Will Engage



SEO That Will Rank



Traffic That will Worth


Let’s create something amazing together which is for visitor and rank on google.

Our Blog Management SEO will research keyword, Write quality content on that keyword and Implement SEO Strategy so that It will Rank on SERP’s which will give you targeted traffic so that you can drive BIG GROWTH


Keword Analysis

Content Development

Search Engine Optimization

Monthly Growth Report


Competitive Analysis

Blog Management SEO starts with an in-depth analysis of your business, industry, and competitors. Finding the best suitable keyword is the key here. We don’t want to create content only we want to rank those content with specific keywords. There are plenty of keywords to target for a particular business and also can beat the competitor with targeting the Low powered keyword that competitor is ranking for.

  • Keyword Research
  • Identify Competitors
  • Analyze Competitors
  • Determine Barrier to Entry
  • Strategy
  • Find the best suitable keyword
  • Target that keyword

Getting the lead from each blog post is the target for us.

Content is King

We have our keyword to target. Our content will be created by the very best author all around the world targeting that keyword. We always pick the author who knows your industry or niche. It’s not all about writing some stuff for you. We believe those content will make reader engage and make them your potential customer. Content creation formula-

  • Research
  • Content format
  • Content structure
  • Testing
  • Refine

The final result will be optimized by our SEO expert. We will make sure every small factor that Google will notice and the reader will love. Not only that we will utilize photos and multimedia right away.
Note:- Copyright free Paid Images.

Search Engine Optimization

This is where we are different from other content marketing service. We believe good content is not good enough unless it reaches to people. Some content Can be viral that rear case for the business blog. We are taking a step here to make content and reach to people who need that. This is why we target the keyword very first step. What will we do with the published content-

  • Proper use of Title, Meta and H tag
  • Use LSI / Synonym
  • Canonical (if Need)
  • Internal Links
  • Website Speed
  • Schema Markup
  • Index to search Engine.
  • High-Quality Backlinks
  • Manual Social Signal
  • And Many More.

Cant Explain everything but our only target is to get your article to rank on google. The rank article will get traffic that will be you ROI.

You Will Get

End of the day result matter. Now think about SEO agency they will get you traffic are they worthy? Are they sharing the strategy? It can be black hat or gray hat. Business cant takes the risk of that matter. And that traffic is useless because they need content first not website product promotion. Our Marketing can render that problem and give your customer a flat platform to decide. The Result of Blog Management SEO-

  • Unlimited targeted traffic
  • Rank on google with diversion
  • Social Engagement
  • High-Quality Backlink
  • Proper On page SEO

By this time your ROI will rise tremendously. We will also track every post to see the progress, and you will get a month-end report with every single detail.

Some Other services may be great

We are doing SEO to our blog post it would be great to have an SEO audit on your other pages so that it will optimize the whole website. People will visit your blog and content will encourage them to buy the product, but all of them are not going to buy right? To use them all, we can create free give away to grave some email for email marketing. Now lots of people are visiting your site you know they are your potential customer we will reach them with the product by paid advertising like Facebook, adword, etc.

  • SEO audit
  • Backlink for other pages
  • Free Giveaway
  • Quizzes
  • Lottery
  • Paid Advertisement.

Every single thing vital for business. An email lead from Facebook ad can cost you huge you know that right. Why not try our option to get output at low cost.

Traffic should need to be WORTHY

Why Blog Management SEO??

SEO Agency Can Generate Traffic for You. Can’t Make You a Brand Which People Will Remember.

Content Maker Can Create Quality Content Which Will Not Rank!!

We will do both at a time with affortable cost.


Post Per Months



Who We Are

SEO and Content Development Experts

Saddam Hossen Sifat

Saddam Hossen Sifat

Team Member



Team Member



Team Member

Keyword Research

With your target market in mind, we will do an in-depth keyword research in your industry and competitor. We will find some best profitable keyword to target.

Develop a strategy

We will develop a content strategy based on those profitable keywords. We will merge content topic that reader wants to read by targeted keyword.

Create Content

To create high-quality content, we will reach out with topic and keyword to our network of 500+ content writers. We will assign the contributor who has an in-depth knowledge of your niche or industry.

Edit & Optimize

We will edit the post and maximize the value for the reader. We will add images, infographics, etc. to make the positive engagement. Finally, it will be gone through some on-page SEO for better optimization.


We will maintain a healthy mix of content for publishing and strategically push live on the particular date.


That’s the point where everyone is stopping, but we will continue with off page SEO. We will create High-quality backlinks for the targeted keyword, Article submission, Social bookmark, Social Share and many more things.

Tracking & Report

We will track every single activity and outcomes. Our customer gets a monthly report on progress. The monthly report allows us to replicate the success.

Extra features

We recommend using free giveaway to capture emails, Landing page to generate Lead, Other pages like home, Services for SEO optimization. We can help with those as well.

Blog Management with SEO


Our Blog Management Service is not only Content creation. It’s well beyond that. We include full SEO service for every single post which will allow you to generate lead for your business and Rank on SERP’s

Blog Management SEO

Affordable Price

Make a comparison before go with any of them. And SEO company can’t offer that and a content creation agency cant do that. We are offering you a combo of both

$250.00 per month
1500 Word Per Month
Approx. 500 word per post
Depth Keyword Research
Keyword Based Optimization
Royalty free imagery
Internal linking
Social shares
Social bookmarks
Quick Index

Get Started

$450.00 per month

3000 word per month 
700-1000 Per post

Depth Keyword research
Keyword based optimization
Royalty free imagery
Internal linking
Social share
Social bookmark
1 Blogging platform (medium)
Monthly Report

Get Started

$950.00 per month
5000 word per month -$100
700-1200 Per post
Depth Keyword research
Keyword based optimization
Specialist writer
Personal Account Manager
Custom designed images
Internal linking
WordPress upload
Schema Mockup
Social share
Social bookmark
2 Blogging platform(medium, Ghost)
Monthly Report
Lead Generation
Landing page
NAP Local business
Submit to search engine
Website audit

Get Started

Lets Get Started?

This is the time to make a decision how you want to utilize your site and make a sales source for you? We can’t explain every thing in here in public. Lets talk and make some clarification.

Blog Management

What Our Clients Says

We pride ourselves on providing superior service, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Read this short digest of recent feedback, and discover more about the effectiveness of our approach and our results.

Gregory Brooks

Advertiser, USA

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts throughout the New blogging Management SEO Process. It’s been an enormous change in our website in term of traffic. Thanks to you Saddam for your effort. We will use this services for the long term in this January.

Changes are rolling in everything but some changes are very effective right away, and BMS is one of them. 

Tony Scelzo

Chief Revenue Officer at HealthStatus

Ewebist has been outstanding in term of content quality. The way they optimize the post its just giving me some shocking result. It’s rare to find such a dedicated team to some excellent stuff for you.

All in all, they offer a rounded feature set for a reasonable price.

Cedric L. Malm

Co-founder, Homewartly

They are implementing some cool white hat SEO strategies with some quality content. Thanks.

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