How much money can be earn from AdSense is the most frequent question for those who are looking for earn money online through website. It hard says exact amount because of lots of variable in play with AdSense. Average earning for 1K impressions around $1 across the whole global network.
AdSense has two revenue model CPC and CPM-based revenue model. Let’s see the Terminology first-
            CPC- Cost Per Click – $0.02 to $1. It can go up to $100, but that’s rare.
            CPM- Cost Per 1K Impressions
            RPM- Revenue per 1K Impressions
            CTR- Click Through Rate- Click per 1K Impressions

CTR Calculation:-
CTR = (Number of ad clicks X 100)/Number of page view
Suppose, you have a blog 10K page view/Month and 800 AdSense ad click. Then the CTR is-
CTR= (800 X 100)/10000 = 0.8%

CPM calculation:-
Let’s assume the site got 1K impressions daily. Now look at the variable.
Let’s say; CPM is $1.
Now you need to know another two things.
One, Add per page: – The average number of ad displays per page.
Two, Pages per visit: – How many pages a single visitor view on an average.
Now the formula is,
Revenue (for 1K visitor) = (page per visit) X (Average ad) X (CPM)
Assume, Website average page is 10, two ads per page and impression is $1
Then, 10x2x1= $20
The website will earn $20 for each 1k visitor.
Now the thing is your impression CPM probably is not $1. Price is not standard auctions fix it.
This example is an overview of the situation as well it is the method how it can generate money. But the thing is the rate totally depend on your niche and psychology of visitor as well as competitive auction.

Real Life Examples

One of my friends have two websites both are integrated with AdSense ad.
One site on celebrity niche and average 1000 impressions daily can generate $2 to $4 daily with $60 to $120 per month.
On the other hand, the website with personal development niche can get $3 to $5 daily with same monthly earning. The main different between two sites is personal growth got hardly 100 visitors daily.
A man name Oliver Woodbridge has a website with 10000 unique visitors per day earn $6000 each month.

How much exactly you can earn from AdSense?

It depends on a lot of factor including CPC & CTR. CPC varies niche to niche as well as geographical of the audience. If you get traffic from countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. the CPC will be high. Those countries called as “Tier 1”. The same way if you get traffic from tier 2 or tier 3 country your CPC will be small.
CPC also depend on keywords that are targeting. Because advertiser bids on keyword and AdSense pay a percent of the bid. So the competitive keyword always gives high CPC.
Now let’s say you got good CPC. That does not end here to earn a healthy amount. You will require good CTR as well. People need to click on your ad. This depends on factors like ad placement, Source of traffic, page load time and much more.
So the thing is when you are heading to make from AdSense you need to optimize the site for AdSense. You need to focus on-
Niche. Always choose a niche that advertiser pay a handsome amount. On that note don’t go for something you don’t know at all.
Web appearance. Select a high-quality theme with quality hosting and domain name that match your niche.
Experiment with ad size. Size depend on your site’s looks. Make sure that ads position is appropriate and reliable size.
Quality content. People will never read if you don’t maintain quality. If they don’t read, then they will not click, and they will never return
Catchy Headline. Make sure your content article is appealing/juicy. This will attract the user to click on it.

Here is some factor that affects CPM

1. Click-Through Rate: – All most all the AdSense bids are per click. So the click on the ad has a huge impact on your revenue. The more click will generate more money for you. The click rate will be rise with the relevancy of the content and ad. Some of the AdSense have force click. Your visitor clicks on content, and they redirect to click on ads. That’s a poor method. In this way, you may have earned some money, but you will lose the visitor frequency. A website always needs to build returning guest.
2. Geography: – Advertiser bids differ region to region. They decide this with the conversion rate of their business. Countries like USA, Canada, UK always get higher price rather than under develop and no English spoken countries.
3. Niche: – Your website Niche is necessary to earn handsome money. The AdSense ads are contextual targeted. It’s a pure thought if your site is about Health Tips and a property advertiser will not allow his ad on your site. It’s easily understandable that no one will go to click on the ad because of the visitor here for health tips not for financial tips. Now the thing is some niches are high competitive, and some are low. As you can understand that ad rate will be determined by auction, so the more competitor will rise the price.

Ads Size and Look

4. Size and position of the ad: – We use to say that size does not matter. But size issue for the ad. The more the size is large it bids for, the higher rate. Did you mention any site which running ads on it? If you look closely, you will find the different size of ads on the various position on a website. Look at the image below. Those are the most common types and sizes of the banner.

5. Last, not the least: – Another thing is if your site big advertiser may be attracted to target ads to your site. These ads specifically targeted to your website only. In this sort of case, your rate can increase.
How Google AdSense Pay?
Google AdSense pay via check or wire transfer.

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