Are you decided to earn money by creating videos for YouTube Platform? Ok! YouTube is a platform for you earn money by uploading video tutorial. Like movie, fun, financial criteria, cultural attributes expensive daily materials or many other things which are interesting or helpful for peoples or visitors. For earn money, first you have must know the procedures of making YouTube channel for uploading your video. So let’s see how we could make money from YouTube or YouTube channel.
While earning thousands of dollars probably isn’t realistic, you can start making money quickly, especially if you have an active subscriber base. Here is the guideline to get your videos monetized and start to earn online money revenue off of those YouTube ads.

Set up and build your YouTube channel:-
Add content
Monetize your videos
Setup Google AdSense
Check your analytics
Market your videos elsewhere
Become a YouTube partner

You can earn money on this site based on the viewers. Like if your viewers approximately over 1000 you will be paid $1 or more. Generally, on YouTube, you make around $1.5 – $4/1,000 views. When you have 1,000,000 subscribers, at least 10-15% will go immediately to check out your new uploads automatically. But one thing is mentioned you if your uploaded video or video materials will be copyright from another account you cannot get the proper response from it. Because of YouTube cannot permit this issue.

YouTube will review your video after uploading. They have to the right reject your video if they found any unnecessary or bullshit. If they found any unnecessary things, then they reject your video. Also, you cannot monetize it. Your monetization rights will be closed if you submit the same video repeatedly After the rejection of your video. Only video uploading is not the proper earning way from YouTube. Because of without video uploading, YouTube has advertisement part which is also combining with uploaded video by Google AdSense account. If you want to earn from the ads, you must have an account in Google AdSense. Because Google AdSense powers the ads that run on YouTube, and that means you are subject to the terms and conditions of AdSense ads. Additionally, the AdSense account name will be same as YouTube account. Beside this AdSense account also has a policy which is closed ads your ad access on YouTube. The ads that run on YouTube come in some varieties and locations, which you should expect as a marketer; it’s like two parts in below.

Cost-Per-View (CPV) ads: Cost-Per-View (CPV) bidding is a way to set amount for your right view video ads. In this way, you will pay for video views and other video interactions. For an actual viewer in-stream video ad, you will pay a maximum of $0.25 when someone watches 30 seconds of your video or the duration if it is shorter than 30 seconds or engages with an interactive element, whichever comes first.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC) ads: Cost-per-click (CPC) is the final amount you gain from a click on ads. You will be paid a handsome amount when someone clicks on the ad. The amount you get paid is the amount the advertiser pays for the ad to run deduct Google and YouTube’s cuts. These ads are typically pop-up ads at the bottom of videos. When the advertiser immediately below you bid $2, and if that sponsored ad is the same quality as yours then you would need to offer more than $2 to rank higher than the advertiser and still maintain your position and ad formats.

Another part is there are also ads that run in search results as promoted videos, and ads that run in the related videos area, but those do not monetize your channel, they are methods for advertisers to make money from YouTube in general.
These are the fundamental things will be discussed on top for how much money you can earn from YouTube video on top. Because of YouTube is a huge site for video sharing. Youtube is a great platform for earn money online by making the video.

So you cannot get proper knowledge by reading for earn. You have to need practical experience for it. So if you can make money by YouTube video you can take knowledge from our discussion and apply it practically on YouTube. I think if you got our post you can start you YouTube performance on that site.

Saddam Hossain Sifat
work as a Professional Freelancer. Writing is passion for me.

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