High Authority Backlink is crucial for the website. You can do high PR  backlink from a relevant site. There is an infinite number of place to create the backlink.

Forum posting: – Forum is a platform where millions of people using daily and asking questions, discuss on various things. Forum a great platform to get a backlink to your website. Answer related issues and involving in forum discussion is an excellent way to get the backlink. You can quickly put a link thought your review.

Directory listing: – Listing in a local and international directory is always a good form to get a backlink.  Add your website to the directory which suits you most. One thing you need to keep in mind that putting your site into right section/category.

Competitors Backlinks: – First of all find the competitors of your industry or your niche. Then analyze competitors site and backlinks. You can use tools for analyzing your competitor’s backlinks. Then go to the link and try to established yours backlink like competitor did. Sometimes you may not be able to establish same way the competitor did. Because it can be paid. Maybe the competitor buys those link.

Guest Posting: – Posting on other site is an excellent way to get the backlink to your site. You will require writing for other, and they will allow you to get a backlink. Before guest post to any site, you need to make sure that they allow “do-follow” backlink rather that no-follow. No follow can add value only if the location is high in ranking and have a huge visitor.

Social networking: – If you are active in social network site you can pick up a huge number of backlink from there. Nowadays there is 100s social media network. Some of the social networks have blog platform as well like LinkedIn. It allows you publish the blog and it sends strong social signal for SEO to search engine. You can also import your blog post to medium.

Commenting: – Commenting in a blog post, forums articles or any other is an excellent, easy and free way to get backlinks. You can make sure that these observations make sense.
Broken backlinks: – Backlink needs to be check continuously. After a particular time, some link can be broken down. You need to fix those backlinks. Because fixing is secure than getting a new one. You can easily find the broken link by using tools.

Some other form of backlink
Image Sharing
Document Sharing
Backlinks Exchange
YouTube back link
Audio backlink
Images backlink
Profile backlink


  • Link from the poor site can be penalized.
  • Focus on quality articles. The quality piece can bring traffic and share on social media automatically.

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