Marketing strategy for small business owner who want to make things big and willing to explore. Before we start we need two pieces of information on your hand.

What to sell? What is your product?
Whom to sell? Who is your customer?

If you are from the ordinary business owner you may have the only answer to question one.

For two, you may think who ever want to buy is your customer. But that’s not the right approach. You need to know who your ideal customer is to make your strategies successful. I’ve asked hundreds of people this question and often the answer is something like, “Well, everyone who likes product or services.”

That’s not good enough for Best Marketing Strategy.

To put together a killer marketing strategy, you need to know who your target customer is. Customer will not go to find you. You need to reach them with your product. Now if you don’t know whom to reach then where did you will go?

Now the thing is if know your customer let’s continue. If you don’t then spend some time to figure it out and come for the marketing strategy. You can take help from this article. Link here.

Basic things Before Start making Marketing Strategy for Small business.

Did you heard about the term called “funnel”?
Let’s see what is it? And how it help us to lead sale?

The funnel is a tube that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom and used for guiding liquid or powder into a small opening.

Your marketing strategy for small business should need to look like a funnel where at the top it will attract the bulk of people and at the bottom, it will filter your genuine customer only. It’s just road-map for your marketing strategy with three components. Those are-

♔ Attract

♔ Nurture

♔ Convert

Let Talk about each of them individually. Look each of the components can be broken down further to make marketing strategy deeper. But for small business, it’s good to keep simple for a good start of your strategy.

You may be confused where the marketing strategy is? You will able to make your own strategy afterward for your small business. Keep reading… and find out what your business is missing.

Small business marketing Strategy first Phase Attract

We were talking about the ideal customer for your business, is not it? The person who want to purchase? This is the stage where you will welcome them to your world (Market). You can say this is the wider part of the funnel for the marketing strategy. There are millions of way to do this but there is no static way for attracting your customer toward your marketing strategy plan. Whatever way you chose to need to keep in mind that, your goal is to capture the interest of customers not to sell or something else.

Interest doesn’t mean willingness of buy. So don’t ask them to buy.

Let’s go with some attracting way-

❖ Free Social media

❖ Paid Social Advertising

❖ Blogging

❖ Outreach

➤ Free Social Media to Attract Toward Business Marketing Strategy

We all follow some page in the social network like Facebook, Twitter. We just follow them because we like what they post on it. Maybe it’s funny, interesting, serious, knowledgeable post. Whatever it is they just got your attention. Did you mention it?

This is what I asking to you do to for your small business. You can use Facebook, Twitter to attract your potential customer. If you have the capability to do video, you should go to YouTube as well. Now Facebook also has the video option.

Don’t even think of making a sale on this stage just try to build the audience for a long term strategies for your business. This audience will be your potential customer if you got the temperament and wait for right time.

➤ Paid Social Advertising to Attract Toward Business Marketing Strategy

Every social platform has the advertising option with easy navigation. You can easily reach to your customer through paid marketing to make your strategy best marketing strategy ever. They got the different form of advertisement on their platform. You can have a look and decide which one is most beneficial for you. If it confuses you. Just check with a small campaign see the result. Based on that result you can choose the best one for your small business marketing strategy.

Most of the social media ads are for the impression. It means they will show your ads but they are not liable for people following it or not. Yes, it needs little cash but saves huge time. To make the best output you can make your content from the professional.

Though you are paying still you are just building the audience. When you are building audience in attract stage of marketing strategy. They will visit your website, read your blog or join your social network.

➽ Advantages of social media marketing for your business:-

➘ It’s Free and can connect huge audience.
➘ Paid Marketing is easy with tracking or analytics.
➘Increase Brand Awareness.
➘Improve Search Engine Ranking.

➽ Disadvantages of social media marketing for your business:-

➚ Time consuming.
➚ Negative Feedback.
➚Expensive Ads.

➤ Blogging to Attract Toward Business Marketing Strategy

“Every business needs a blog!”

Statistics shows that the B2B Marketers who blog receive 67% more leads than those who don’t. Consumer from US 81% trust information and advice from the blog they read. Start Blogging now. A blog will help your website to rank in search engine and as well as attract huge returning traffic for your business marketing strategy.

✔ Five reasons to start blogging for Your Business or Company-

  • A blog will create a voice for your company.
  • It will also generate an inbound link to your website.
  • The blog will amplify your social campaigns.
  • It will increase your SEO for the website.
  • Generate leads.

Find the full details here below ➷

Why Business Need a Blog

➤ Outreach to Attract Toward Business Marketing Strategy

We all know that the internet is a large medium nowadays. But the fact is offline marketing strategy did not lose its value. Still, a brochure can make a positive impression for you. But the advantage is you can use your web layout as a brochure.

The best thing will happen if you can mix online and offline marketing strategy. What can you do?

Collect information like phone number, address, twitter, Facebook of your target customer from the internet. Then Make a call and talk directly. You can also send a brochure via to the postal address. There is another option to send a message to the twitter ask for a schedule of meeting or call. This method will allow you take action rather than waiting for the reader to read your blog and impressed.

➽ By doing this the best thing will happen to your small business marketing strategy-

➘ Build an Instant relationship with target customers.

➽ The odd thing is-

➚ It is time-consuming. Hard to be consistently genuine.

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