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So far in the small business marketing strategy, you were trying to build an audience and introducing them to the product. Now you are at the best part of online marketing strategy for small business. Here in conversion, we will try to convert our audience who are aware our product to sale. This part is very crucial for online marketing strategy because here the result will come out for all the hard work you have been done so far.

So let’s sit tight and find out and implement your strategy and earn money. The conversion that does not make sense if you will ask for sale directly. This is not what conversion is.

At this point of implementing your small business strategies, you will give solution though your product or service. Already you show them with the previous phase that information which adds value, webinar, downloads, Facebook engagement and much more. Throughout the whole process, you show them the problem they are facing now just go with the solution.

A solution for the problem which they are having and can be solved buy your products or services.

How to do this?

Here is the three thing you can do to make your small business marketing strategy successful-

❖ Sales page
❖ Free Consultation
❖ Adverting

➤ Sales Pages to Conversion Toward Business Marketing Strategy

This is the email we were talking about in auto email responder option which will be sent lastly in the second phase of small business marketing strategy. What you were trying is to engage people to receive your email and forcing them to open it. They are used to positive response to your email. Now the marketing strategy comes up with its action.

You can send them an email with your sales page where they will land by clicking on your link. You can also send them to your amazon page. Its depend on your business where you want them to go. Now the thing is you need to care about the page where you sent them. The best marketing strategy will work only if you got something interesting and valuable in that page. They need to be attracted to your product or business. They also need to understand that advantage of your product.

Best description can sell 200% more than the average one. So keep that in mind and ask yourself. If you were in a position where your consumer standing. Would you buy the product what you were trying to sell? I recommend you to find the answer is “NO”. Now the reason why not and work on it. The small business needs to keep working on it to make the perfect product and services for best marketing strategy.

This is the most preferable way to make sale in marketing strategy for small business. If you look around the web you will find many of them trying to use this approach and they are reaching to succeed in their small business marketing strategy.

➽ By doing this the best thing will happen to your small business marketing strategy-

➘ It’s Customizable and Traceable.

➽ The Worst thing is-

➚ Can be costly

➤ Free Consultation to Conversion Toward Business Marketing Strategy

You can take action to be yourself as a salesperson to make your small business strategy successful. You can try tele sale or face to face sale. If you want to sell an expensive product or specialized product. You can call and schedule a meeting and consult with them for free. This way if it’s a product consumer can see the product live which is a great help for marketing because it raises the chance of sell.

➽ By doing this the best thing will happen to your small business marketing strategy-

➘ It Can be more persuasive.

➽ The worst thing is-

➚ Time-consuming. Budget-consuming (paying a sales team).

➤ Advertising to Conversion Toward Business Marketing Strategy

Confuse to see advertising again in conversion phase of small business marketing strategy? Yes, we do use advertising option in attract phase and using it again at here in conversion phase. But the thing is both of them are different from each other.

Lets see the difference-

In attract ads are-

✔ Target was very broad.
✔ It was aimed to get people into your funnel.

But in conversion ads are-

✔ Target is very much specific.
✔ It was aimed to get people open their wallets.

In conversion ads for your marketing strategy, your target will be the person who already knows about your product and how it can help them. How to reach them? It’s pretty simple which is call retargeting. You can target those who visited your site.

➽ By doing this the best thing will happen to your small business marketing strategy-

➘ Easy. Traceable

➽ The Worst thing is-

➚ Costly

⤮ Before we end up:

Before concluded I just want to make sure that above describe things are the concept of marketing strategy for small business. Which will work for sure if you give enough effort on it to make marketing strategy successful? In every phase, I describe a couple of options but there are plenty left in the web. To be a smart business in the industry you need to do tuning continuously to get the most sales from it.

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