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Now you are in the second phase of small business marketing strategy. Where you will try to sell something to your target audience. The target audience is already built throughout the first phase of marketing strategy for business.
The target audience need to be-
➘ Niche oriented.
➘ Had attention to you

If so let’s try to make some sale!!!

We targeting sale but the initial target is to nurture audience toward the sale. In here you have to offer more specifically what exactly your product can do. You can try some comparing with competitors product to make a positive impression.

There are many ways to do this nurturing thing in marketing. Let’s talk about some of them.

❖ Email Auto responders
❖ Facebook Groups
❖ Webinars

➤ Email Auto Responders to Nurture Toward Business Marketing Strategy

An ‘auto responder’, is a sequence of emails that send themselves automatically. You just need to write them and schedule them, rest of the work for marketing will be done by the software.

This method is great for small business because it is written once and can reach to the unlimited number. What you can do with it. You can schedule 3 or more email with quality written things. The first two will be free to the user and the third one will content your product. The first two can be something that can give some benefit to your user. Your target is to make yourself beneficial to them afterward they will make you befitted though your small business.

➽By doing this the best thing will happen to your small business marketing strategy-

➘ It’s Free (with limited option). Highly-targeted. Easy to monetize.

➽The worst thing is-

➚ Time-consuming. Hard to come up with new ideas.

➤ Facebook Grouping to Nurture Toward Business Marketing Strategy

Millions of user are live on Facebook. What else can be best to sell a product except for Facebook?
Facebook giving plenty of options, you just need to use it properly to success in your business marketing strategy. What can you do on Facebook? One of the great option all of you knows that you can create a page for your business on Facebook to interact with people. This is not only an option. You can do much more with Facebook to make your marketing strategy successful.

Grouping: – You can create a group for your target customer within your niche. Keep that in mind it’s on your product group. For example, you may have a product which can lose extra weight. Then the group should need to be weight loss tips. In the group, you will invite people who are interested in talking about this topic. You can also provide some tips which are helpful for weight loss. Show people that you know about this thing. Then go with your product and introduce it. Take some time to introduce in the mean focus on growing the group member.

Live Video: – As a Facebook user you already know that Facebook launches a feature call live where you can go and can show people whatever you want to show and can interact with them. You may not have enough friend to see you live. Now the group will help you. You can go live though the group.
Advertising: – As you know you can always advertise here on Facebook to make your small business strategy successful. We already talked about it.

➤ Webinars to Nurture Toward Business Marketing Strategy

The best and smartest way to nurture your audience with webinars for successful small business marketing strategy.

What you can do capture a video answer the question people wants to know, show them what they need to know, show the diversification of the product and much more.
Don’t go selling approach. Simply just don’t do advertise. It will make faulty your small business marketing strategy you are working on. It will bore people as well. Just show them how they can be benefited.

The best thing about the webinar is once it done it just become an asset for you which can be used anytime for generating the lead for your business marketing strategy.
You can ask people to join your free webinar to learn and put an email opt-in. This will help you to build a new email list for your further email auto responder work.

➽ By doing this the best thing will happen to your small business marketing strategy-

➘ Free. Very personal.

➽ The Worst thing is-

➚ Requires video equipment/technical knowledge.

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