You created a website for your company or business. That was good. But what else you did?? Did you create any blog for your company or business? If no then you are behind from modern trends. Because nowadays-

B2B Marketers who blog receive 67% more leads than those who don’t.
A website with a blog receives 97% more link to their website
Online Consumer from US 81% trust information and advice from blog
So what are you waiting for!! Start Blogging

Questions may come what it is! Let’s see…

What are Business blogs?

Business blogs are an online content marketing strategy. It is a blog publish by the business or company about their activity, feature etc. Blogging is required making your website as a marketing asset.

Suppose you create website may be in 2010 or 2012. It’s been 5 years your content are same. In the meantime, competitor came on the market and may replace you in the search engine. Because search engine love new content. Your website will become dead without blog.

Five reasons to start blogging for Your Business or Company

1. A blog will create a voice for your company.

Voice is the concept that suits to literary world than the business world. It will generate lead for your company. Tone of voice isn’t about ‘What you say’ but it’s all about “How you say”. It’s also about the impression of your brand leave on customer. Blogging is the best way to express your voice.

May be you are thinking you have an about page on the website. There are several contain about your companies, mission, vision etc. Then why you need a blog! Ask yourself-

Is anybody read those?

Is it creating any positive impression on customer mind?

Is the data easily understandable?

May be you find all the answers “No”. But if you had a blog then people will read it. It will create a positive impression and most important people will interact with you.

2. It will also generate an inbound link to your website.

Inbound link is a hyperlink back to your site from other websites. When you blog in different platform you will definitely going to leave some link of your site. That link will bring traffic to your site. One more thing is when you write on your own website blog page. People will share it though social media network. And obviously you know that how much big is the social media now a day!

3. Blog will amplify your social campaigns.

As a company may be you are doing some sort of social campaign. It’s a really good thing. It creates a valuable positive image in the society. People encourage and remember your good work. So problem is how many people know about your social campaign? You need to inform them as well as you need to involve them. Your blog can do this for you. You can write about your Next campaign and invite the people. You also can ask suggestion to make it success. If you blog about your past campaign people will remember your good work otherwise they will forget after a time being.

4.It will increase your SEO for the website.

As I said before search engine love new contents. The More you write about your company or business there is more chance to be the first page of search. If you use different platform then it just make the chance double. Search engine also measure the inbound link of your website.

5. Generate leads.

Blogging is the best way to generate leads. In your blogging page you will have a form like subscribe or a landing page. People will register with their email. If people love your contents then subscriber will increase smoothly. After a period you will have a list of people who love to read your contents and keep an eye on your latest offer and promotions. You can email them with an inbound link to your website. It will create traffic as well as increase your sell. Important note those procedure what actually email marketing does.

So start blogging and get benefited. Here some more articles about blogging… take a look.

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